Winter League-Dates and format

Hi all,

The following dates are for your diaries:

Please note that if you are not paid up at the next meeting then none of your players will be eligible for ANY knockouts including team knockout.

17th September: Meeting @ Turnpike – collect books and pay any outstanding fees (you will be contacted via text with amount to pay)

24th September: Team Knockout round 1

29th September: Singles Round 1

15th December: Meeting @ Broughton – Money meeting mandatory unless you are completely paid up on your fees and Qtr finals draws

16th February: Meeting @ Broughton – Money meeting mandatory to pay final fees

29th April: Final meeting and Captains Knockout and collection of presentation night tickets.

15th May: Presentation Night @ Middlewich British Legion


Changes to format:

·         The league format will remain the same as previous winter league, 8 singles.

·         The Team knockout and the Plate knockout will be in the format of 7 singles and 2 scotch doubles.

·         All other knockouts will remain the same.



All knockouts MUST be played on or before the date specified and results received by midnight on that date or both players will be knocked out.  The only exceptions to this rule are:

·         Hospitalisation

·         Immediate family death or serious illness (parents, partner, siblings, children)

·         Serious accidents

All cases contact must be made to both the opponent AND the committee and a decision will be made.  The committee’s decision is final.  Just a couple of past examples that will NOT be accepted are:

·         Work commitments

·         Captain has not informed me

·         Couldn’t get a babysitter

Any no shows (a no show is defined as not making contact with their opponent and the committee 48hrs before the deadline and within 24hrs after the deadline after a serious accident), will be tracked and that player will not be eligible to play that knockout next season, again the committee’s decision is final.  Anyone having contact problems must make these known to the committee to ensure we can assist.


It is the captains responsibility to ensure that ALL their players are aware of the above changes, and the constitution on the website will be amended accordingly before the season starts.



Simon Nadin