Three-a-side KO format 3 singles, 1 double and 1 treble. Toss to decide who names the players first and stick to it all the way through the match. Lag to decide who breaks on the first frame then alternate.

KOs can be played on or before the date, please contact the opposition to arranged a suitable date. The opposition have the right to decline. If so, they have to be played on the night and NOT after the night. All KOs must be played at venues in the league.

Rnd 1 – 20/12/21 (Best of 5)
13Dishers WinvFeathers A1
14Boars Head 2vFeathers A2 Win
15Feathers B WinvTurnpike A
16Boars Head 3vBroughton Win
Rnd 2 – 24/01/22 (Best of 5)
1Eight Farmers A WinvRifleman B
2Eight Farmers B WinvBoars Head 1
3Pockets 2vPockets 1 Win
4White Lion A WinvWhite Lion B
5Off The RailsvFeathers X Win
6Rifleman AvTurnpike B Win
7Dishers WinvFeathers A2
8Feathers B WinvBroughton
Rnd 3 – 28/03/22 (Best of 5)
1Eight Farmers AvEight Farmers B
2Rnd 2 Winner 3vWhite Lion A
3Feathers XvTurnpike B
4DishersvFeathers B
Semi – 09/05/22 (Best of 5)
1Rnd 3 Winner 1vRnd 3 Winner 2
2Rnd 3 Winner 3vRnd 3 Winner 4
Final – 09/05/22 (Best of 5) – Venue TBC
1Semi Final Winner 1vSemi Final Winner 2

Threes Teams & Players

TeamTeam Name
Feathers BFeathers BC WebbR WallisM WilliamsC Courtney
Feathers BFeathers XP WilsonR CobainL WilsonA Brandreth
RiflemanRifleman AW ClarkeS SymmsJ LomasM LomasG Newton
RiflemanRifleman BJ HoughC BhaiM CampbellJ ShawA Booth
Boars HeadBoars Head 1J AshbrookR BateyD RobertY Maddock
Boars HeadBoars Head 2D BillsR ToranterD Bowker
Boars HeadBoars Head 3L McguinessO MyersL Bills
Pockets RedsPockets 1S MundyD MasseyA LackingB HoldenT Cain
Pockets RedsPockets 2L MeakinS MillingtonM LongT BlackfordL Walsh
Feathers AFeathers A1A HooksM ParryB IlledgeN Priestley
Feathers AFeathers A2M HolmesA BrownW BuckleyL WoodT Halford
Eight FarmersEight Farmers AK LloydD WattsJ WattsD Leitch
Eight FarmersEight Farmers BA StubbsN PalinS Trenbirth
DishersDishersS AbbottC HughesC RobertsA Speed
BroughtonBroughtonL CroninG SinclairP CroninS SandsR Stockton
Off The RailsOff The RailsS CrawleyL BrosterA MooreT BlountC Baller
TurnpikeTurnpike AS NadinA NadinA Goodwin
TurnpikeTurnpike BJ NealZ AthertonK RobinsonT ButlerD Pimlott
White LionWhite Lion AK PrinceP MalamA BostockK MalamC Bennett
White LionWhite Lion BS AlmondP DerricuttV WoodsP CavanaghP Bibby
Well done to the Rifleman A on winning the 2019 3 Man KO
Well done to the Rifleman A on winning the 2019 3 Man KO
Pictured is the 2019 3 Man KO Finalists: The Eight Farmers A and Rifleman A
Pictured is the 2019 3 Man KO Finalists: The Eight Farmers A and Rifleman A

Well done to the White Lion B on winning the 2018 Threes KO against the Turnpike 2

Well done to the Eight Farmers on winning the Threes KO against the Golden Lion
Well done to the Eight Farmers on winning the 2017 Threes KO against the Golden Lion

Previous Winners

2020 Off the Rails
2019 Rifleman A
2018 White Lion B
2017 Eight Farmers
2016 Eight Farmers
2015 White Lion
2014 Saxons A
2013 Knights Grange
2012 Saxons
2011 Saxons
2009 Kings Arms A
2007 Flying Lady
2006 Dishers
2005 Kings Arms
2003 Eight Farmers
2002 Eight Farmers
2001 Pockets A
2000 Steventons
1999 Pockets
1997 Kia Pockets Red