Rule Refresh

Hi all,

It has been brought to our attention that some teams are not playing by all the rules, especially the time keeper rule. There seems to be a theme of teams asking “Are we bothering with timing”, it is a rule like any other so the answer will ALWAYS be “YES”.

To stop all the problems that this is causing, we have decided that the referee and timekeeper MUST make themselves known before the break. If any team finds that their opponents are not willing to provide a time keeper or are not seen to be following any rules. Then the opposing captain MUST ring through myself BEFORE the frame starts, so that we can clear it up. No complaints can be made after the fact as it would be difficult to prove either way after a frame is over.

There was a small mistake on the constitution on the website, it still stated that the timekeeper (or second referee) has responsibility over a frame callings as well as the primary referee, however this is not the case. The timekeeper is only responsible for making time calls ONLY.

If anyone has any issues or is unsure on anything then please just ask.


Simon Nadin