Winter League

Hi all,

With the end of the summer league only a few weeks away. We need to have a registration meeting for the winter league.

This will be on 4th August at 8pm @ The Turnpike. At this meeting we will be collecting a minimum of the following:
· List of players (or confirm if the same as the summer league)
· £50 registration
· £3 per registered player
· £1 for each KO entry
o Singles
o Doubles
o Threes
o Fives
· £10 for presentation night tickets

So this means that if you have a 10 player team, and you have KO entries as such:
10 x singles
5 x doubles
2 x threes
2 x fives
You will need to pay: £109 with £150 left to pay split over 2 meetings at £75 per meeting.
NOTE: this is a minimum you can pay all your league fees up front, removing the need to attend monetary meetings.

If you are not sure about anything please ask before the meeting. If anyone knows of ANY pubs that would be interested in joining the league then please either pass their contact information to a committee member or ask them to contact us.

We will be looking to email receipts for payments starting this year, instead of paper receipts if anyone has issues with that then please voice them at the meeting.

We will also be asking for feedback on the format of the summer league with a view to introducing this format into the Team KO events.


Simon Nadin