Summer League, Scotch Pairs

Hi all,

With the summer league into full swing now, it seems that the scotch doubles are going down well. I just wanted to re-iterate the ruling for the 2 frames of scotch doubles.

These are:

  • The pair consists of any player from the playing team, whether they have already played or not
  • Players must alternate between shots even from the break or after a foul
  • Players may confer during their opponents visit and up to the point where the first oncoming player touches the table, once this has happened, no more conferring can occur until it is the opponents turn
  • Any player playing out of turn will concede a standard foul (2 visits away)
  • All other rulings are to be played as per the winter league rules

I know there has been some controversy over the communication between players, during their visits, as it is played slightly differently in other leagues.  We have decided to opt for the ruling as above to hopefully alleviate any confusion between the previous year’s pairs matches and the new scotch pairs.

If you are unsure about any of the rules or the interpretation above then please feel free to ask me.

Can I also please ask that a little leeway is giving during the scotch doubles (sportsmanship) during refereeing, and those who have played the scotch doubles in other leagues help those teams who this is new to.

The summer league is basically a chance to keep playing during the holiday period and supposed to be a bit of fun, so let’s all help keep it that way.

Good luck for the rest of the season

Simon Nadin

League Secretary