2015 AGM Minutes, and Summer League

Thank you for those who attended the 2014/2015 AGM at the Boars Head.  There were several new teams welcomed to the MADPL, which is fantastic and will be good for building up the league.

Please find attached the minutes from the meeting.

NB:  the summer league will start 10th June.  Entries MUST be emailed or text to Simon Nadin before Wednesday 3rd June.  A single entry fee of £20 per team will need to be paid to Andy Clarke ASAP.

We look forward to seeing you all again this season, and welcoming the new players.


 Simon Nadin



The minutes of the previous AGM were approved as a true record.


  •  Noted that it was another good season of monies paid and attendance to meetings
  • Even though lack of attendance at the presentation evening, it was still a good night and all attendance stayed until the end.
  •  Less no shows than most seasons this year. However, due to a inconsistence of the recordings that was noted at the AGM it was decided not to penalise those no shows and ensure that the next seasons recordings are more accurate.


AC noted that even though we lost a team and had less knockout entries, the quality of the presentation night and trophies/prizes wasn’t effected and the league ended the season with £734 left before the honorariums were decided.


Agreed that a total of £700 would be split over the roles as follows:

£300 for A Clarke for Treasurer and Chairman

£400 for S Nadin for Secretary and Chairman.

5 CHANGES TO RULES World rule Changes:

  • Noted that there were a number of rule changes this season in the WEPF. These have been attached and highlighted. Noted that the website will be updated accordingly

Members proposed the following changes:

  • Change in format to the Singles and Pairs. The proposal is to group together a couple of rounds into 1 night, meaning that even if you have a no show you still get to play and also means less Mondays required. Specific venues to be chosen by committee and if you draw at home then luck of the draw. Committee agree with this, this has worked in the past, however the venues could be drawn at same time, so complete luck on table and draw. – No re-arrange so would have to play on that night, might cause issues. Committee to agree. Avoid holidays. Decided to trial it this season and see if it works.
  • Format on singles change to similar to POTY start at Bo5 and move to Bo7 on Semi and Bo9 Final. LM – Weaker players don’t have a chance, – voted against

Changes to formats:

  • Pairs to stay as normal doubles.
  •  Scotch doubles seems to have worked for the team events, and should continue for the fourth coming seasons. – Everything changes to normal doubles and we will continue with them in the future.
  • League game changes, proposed that we look at a 5 single, 2 double league game instead of 8 singles. With all names drawn one at a time before each game so “good” players can’t be deciding to player “lesser” players to win the averages and also means that everyone has a chance to be able to play 2 games. Committee added if we did this, we wouldn’t have the draw point and also wouldn’t have wildcards. Also how do we decided on averages winner, what if a player isn’t drawn at all during the night? – voted against.
  • Re-stress that books must be handed in before or at the final meeting to get ANY trophies and this should be re-iterated to all players, as there were some 8 ballers not recognised due to no books.
  • Noted that venues will now be restricted to 2 teams maximum in the MADPL.


Amit Nayee representing Nu Flava – Welcomed

Mike Kernan representing Pockets – Welcomed

Dishers have shown interest – Welcomed

Old Star, Winsford – Welcomed

Brunell, Crewe – Welcomed

The fox inn, Sandbach – Welcomed

Shakespere in Nantwich about 11miles from Middlewich and 9 miles from Winsford – Welcomed


No proposals for new committee for following season, so Andy Clarke will continue as Treasurer and Simon Nadin will continue as Secretary and the Chairman duties will continue to be split. M Shallcross will continue to update the website. – Reiterate money is Andy everything else is Simon.


  • Summer League will start from 10 th June. All registration MUST be emailed to S Nadin by end of Wednesday 3 rd June to allow time to collate league fixtures. The fee will be £20 per team, and all monies will be given out as money toward winter league. Format will be decided once teams are in. Will either be split mini league or a weighted Knockout and the format will be 5 singles and 2 doubles.
  • It was noted that Steventons had donated their trophies to cancer research and an amount of £150 was given from the league. Alan Steventons captain expressed that the reason this was done was because the whole team would rather see the money given to a good cause than collect a trophy on the presentation night for a runners up prize, and the committee confirmed if other teams wanted to donate then they could speak to us at the end of the season.
  • It was asked that we look at making a finals night a little more of a presentation at the end of the game. It was decided that the Annual trophies will be taken to the finals night and presented to the winning team and a picture taken, then the trophy will be returned to the committee for engraving and presenting at the presentation evening.