Exert from the MADPL constitution:


5.1 All knockouts shall be played on the format agreed at the AGM

5.2 Payment: Team K.O. home side to pay, all other K.O. payment shared.

5.3 All knockouts MUST be played on or before the date specified and results received by midnight on that date, or both players will be with drawn from the knockout.  Exceptions to this is at the discretion of the committee.

5.4 Any no shows (defined as not making contact within 48hrs of the deadline to the committee AND the opponent) will be tracked and that player will not be able to play in that knockout the next season.

5.5 There will be no changes allowed to Singles and POTY once the draw has been published.  1 single change can be made for doubles, threes and fives before the prelim rounds have been played, as long as the player being added is not already in the KO.

6      FORMATS

6.1 Finals venues will be drawn during the season at the first meeting from a list provided by captains.

6.2 Team K.O. best of nine frames on a straight knockout basis, toss to decide break and stick to it all the way through including semis and finals, format is 7 singles and 2 normal doubles.

6.3 Five-a-side K.O. played over five frames of singles. The league will provide six trophies for the winners and runners up; any extra must be paid for.

6.4 Three-a-side K.O. to be played over five frames of three singles one double and one treble; any player may play up to three frames but only one single. The league will pay for four trophies for the winners and runners up, any extras must be paid for.

6.5 Player of the year straight individual K.O. starting at best of seven progressing to a best of fifteen final. Awards going to the winner and runner-up. Pre qualifiers are Averages winner, POTY winner, runner-up, Individual winner and runner-up, Pairs winners. Then each team pick their best average player continuing until 32 places are filled.

6.6 Pairs K.O. Is a straight K.O.pairs may be made up of players from two different teams. All matches are best of three until the final, which is best of five. Awards for winner, runner-up and semi-finalist.

6.7 Individual K.O. straight K.O. best of three singles, until semis best of five and best of seven final. Awards for winner runner-up and semi-finalist.

6.8 Plate K.O. will be the same format as the Team KO and will consist of teams that have been knocked out of the Team K.O, in rounds up to and including the QTR finals.

6.9 Any other K.O. to be run at the discretion of the EXEC.

6.10 All results must be in before midnight on the match date.