Lag to decide who breaks on the first frame then alternate.

KOs can be played on or before the date, please contact the opposition to arranged a suitable date. The opposition have the right to decline. If so, they have to be played on the night and NOT after the night. All KOs must be played at venues in the league.

Prelim – 07/10/2019 (best of 5)
1D Lynham, PocketsvA Bostock, White Lion Win
2G West, White LionvJ Ashbrook, Boars Head Win*
3L McGuiness, Boars Head WinvE Johnson, Steventons
4T Allen, BroughtonvL Herring, Dishers A Win
5K Robinson, TurnpikevC Gilbert, Knights Grange Win*
6R Rigby, Nu FlavavV Woods, White Lion Win*
7S Bersantie, Knights GrangevR Cobain, Prince of Feathers Win
8J Rice, Turnpike WinvA Kacha, Nu Flava
9A Goodwin, TurnpikevJ Harrold, Turnpike Win
10Alan Clarke, Pockets WinvN Priestley, Prince of Feathers
11C McGhee, Turnpike WinvP Wilkinson, Pockets
12W Clarke, RiflemanvN Blake, Rifleman Win
13S Webb, RiflemanvS Crawley, Off the Rails Win
14A Clarke, BroughtonvC Bennett, White Lion Win
15L Meakin, Rifleman WinvS Millington, Dishers B
16R Wong, Dishers AvM Bibby, White Lion Win
17M Stickley, Prince of FeathersvS Sands, Broughton Win
18S Symms, Rifleman WinvL Masser, Dishers B
19K Lloyd, Eight Farmers WinvW Chung, Dishers B
20Leon Walsh, Dishers B Win*vD Massey, Off the Rails
21G Lamb, Knights Grange WinvB Holden, Saxons Knights
22A Hooks, Prince of Feathers WinvP Vernon, Saxons Knights
23T Blount, Off the RailsvR Graham, Boars Head Win
24D Preece, Dishers A WinvS Bartley, Dishers A
25M Lacking, PocketsvC Webb, Rifleman Win
26S Nadin, Turnpike WinvI Tushingham, Pockets
27P Hughes, Saxons KnightsvD Astles, Knights Grange Win
28D Pimlott, Boars Head WinvM Green, Steventons
29R Gilder, Saxons KnightsvC Hughes, Dishers A Win
30R Skupski, Broughton WinvJ McLeary, Knights Grange
31C Arrowsmith, Broughton WinvT Kimberlin, Eight Farmers
32L Cronin, BroughtonvP Cavanagh, White Lion Win
33B Hopkins, PocketsvB Murphy, Saxons Knights Win
34D Watts, Eight Farmers WinvM Long, Rifleman
35S Abbott, Dishers A WinvA Oswell, Saxons Knights
36D Bird, Saxons KnightsvD Smith, Nu Flava Win
37L Broster, Off the Rails WinvT Cain, Saxons Knights
38T Millington, Dishers B WinvLee Walsh, Dishers B
39S Morgan, TurnpikevR Stockton, Broughton Win
Round 1 – 04/11/2019 (best of 5)
1S Mundy, Saxon Knights WinvA Bostock, White Lion
2J Ashbrook, Boars Head WinvL McGuiness, Boars Head
3L Mellor, Off the RailsvL Herring, Dishers A Win*
4P Johnson, Steventons WinvC Gilbert, Knights Grange
5A Moore Off the RailsvV Woods, White Lion Win
6K Shannon, PocketsvR Cobain, Prince of Feathers Win*
7P Wilson, Knights GrangevJ Rice, Turnpike Win
8A O’Brien, PocketsvJ Harrold, Turnpike Win*
9B Mingins, Off the Rails WinvAlan Clarke, Pockets
10C McGhee, Turnpike WinvN Blake, Rifleman
11M Holmes, Prince of Feathers Win*vS Crawley, Off the Rails
12R Wallis, Rifleman Win*vC Bennett, White Lion
13D Lowe, Knights GrangevL Meakin, Rifleman Win
14M Bibby, White Lion WinvS Sands, Broughton
15S Ollier, Knights GrangevS Symms, Rifleman Win
16W Buckley, Prince of Feathers WinvK Lloyd, Eight Farmers
17C Baller, Saxons Knights Win*vLeon Walsh, Dishers B
18G Lamb, Knights Grange WinvA Hooks, Prince of Feathers
19A Hollis, PocketsvR Graham, Boars Head Win
20M Kernan, Saxons Knights WinvD Preece, Dishers A
21J Hough, Saxons KnightsvC Webb, Rifleman Win*
22S Nadin, Turnpike WinvD Astles, Knights Grange
23M Parry, Prince of Feathers WinvD Pimlott, Boars Head
24A Lacking, Saxons KnightsvC Hughes, Dishers A Win
25D Probin, Off the Rails WinvR Skupski, Broughton
26C Arrowsmith, Broughton Win*vP Cavanagh, White Lion
27R Batey, Boars HeadvB Murphy, Saxons Knights Win
28M Lomas, RiflemanvD Watts, Eight Farmers Win*
29C McTasney, PocketsvS Abbott, Dishers A Win
30D Smith, Nu FlavavL Broster, Off the Rails Win*
31L Wood, BroughtonvT Millington, Dishers B Win
32P Malam, White Lion WinvR Stockton, Broughton
Round 2 – 25/11/2019 (best of 5)
1S Mundy, Saxon Knights WinvJ Ashbrook, Boars Head
2L Herring, Dishers A WinvP Johnson, Steventons
3V Woods, White LionvR Cobain, Prince of Feathers Win
4J Rice, Turnpike WinvJ Harrold, Turnpike
5B Mingins, Off the Rails WinvC McGhee, Turnpike
6M Holmes, Prince of FeathersvR Wallis, Rifleman Win
7L Meakin, RiflemanvM Bibby, White Lion Win
8S Symms, Rifleman WinvW Buckley, Prince of Feathers
9C Baller, Saxons KnightsvG Lamb, Knights Grange Win
10R Graham, Boars HeadvM Kernan, Saxons Knights Win
11C Webb, RiflemanvS Nadin, Turnpike Win
12M Parry, Prince of FeathersvC Hughes, Dishers A Win
13D Probin, Off the Rails Win*vC Arrowsmith, Broughton
14B Murphy, Saxons KnightsvD Watts, Eight Farmers Win
15S Abbott, Dishers A WinvL Broster, Off the Rails
16T Millington, Dishers BvP Malam, White Lion Win
Round 3 – 27/01/2020 (best of 5)
1S Mundy, Saxon Knights WinvL Herring, Dishers A
2R Cobain, Prince of Feathers Win*vJ Rice, Turnpike
3B Mingins, Off the RailsvR Wallis, Rifleman Win
4M Bibby, White LionvS Symms, Rifleman Win*
5G Lamb, Knights GrangevM Kernan, Saxons Knights Win
6S Nadin, TurnpikevC Hughes, Dishers A Win
7D Probin, Off the Rails WinvD Watts, Eight Farmers
8S Abbott, Dishers AvP Malam, White Lion Win
Quarter Finals – 09/03/2020 (best of 5)
1S Mundy, Saxon Knights WinvR Cobain, Prince of Feathers
2R Wallis, RiflemanvS Symms, Rifleman Win
3M Kernan, Saxons Knights WinvC Hughes, Dishers A
4D Probin, Off the RailsvP Malam, White Lion Win
Semi Finals – 20/09/2021 (Best of 7)
1S Mundy, Saxon Knights WinvS Symms, Rifleman
2M Kernan, Saxons KnightsvP Malam, White Lion Win
Final – 20/09/2021 (Best of 9) – Venue TBC
1S Mundy, Saxon KnightsvP Malam, White Lion Win
Pictured is the 2020 Singles KO Semi Finalists
Well done to Phil Malam from the White Lion on winning the 2019 Singles KO
Well done to Phil Malam from the White Lion on winning the 2019 Singles KO
Pictured is the 2019 Singles KO Semi Finalists
Pictured is the 2019 Singles KO Semi Finalists
Well done to Phil Malam from the White Lion on winning the Singles 2018 KO 4-0
Well done to Phil Malam from the White Lion on winning the Singles 2018 KO 4-0
Well done to Mike Kernan from Pocket on winning the Singles KO 4-2
Well done to Mike Kernan from Pocket on winning the Singles 2017 KO 4-2

Previous Winners

2020 Phil Malam, White Lion
2019 Phil Malam, White Lion
2018 Phil Malam, White Lion
2017 Mike Kernan, Pockets
2016 Dave Latham, Steventons
2015 Mark Bibby, White Lion
2014 Stuart Colclough, Pockets
2013 Sam Telfer, Steventons
2012 Mike Beeston, Broughton