Five-a-side KO format is 5 singles. Toss to decide who names the players first and stick to it all the way through the match. Lag to decide who breaks on the first frame then alternate.

KOs can be played on or before the date, please contact the opposition to arranged a suitable date. The opposition have the right to decline. If so, they have to be played on the night and NOT after the night. All KOs must be played at venues in the league.

5 Man Round 1 – 30/09/2019 (Best of 5)
1White Lion BvRifleman 2
2PocketsvBoars Head
3BroughtonvEight Farmers
4Dishers AvWhite Lion A
5Dishers BvSaxons Knights B
6Off the RailsvRifleman 1
7Knights GrangevTurnpike A
8Saxons Knights AvTurnpike B
QTR Finals – 09/12/2019 (Best of 5)
1Round 1 WinnervRound 2 Winner
2Round 3 WinnervRound 4 Winner
3Round 5 WinnervRound 6 Winner
4Round 7 WinnervRound 8 Winner
Semi – 10/02/2020 (Best of 5)
1QTR 1 WinnervQTR 2 Winner
2QTR 3 WinnervQTR 4 Winner
Final – 23/03/2020 (Best of 5) – Venue TBC
1Semi 1 WinnervSemi 2 Winner

Fives Teams & Players

Pockets B Hopkins, C Mctasney, K Shannon, A Clarke, D Lynham, A O’Brien, A Hollis
Knights Grange G Lamb, D Astles, P Wilson, S Berstantie, D Lowe, S Ollier, C Gilbert
Boars Head R Graham, D Pimlott, J Ashbrook, L Mcguiness, R Batey
Off The Rails S Crawley, L Broster, L Mellor, A Moore, T Blount, D Massey, S Mundy
Dishers B S Millington, T Millington, W Chung, L Walsh, L Walsh, L Masser
Rifleman 1 L Meakin, M Long, S Symms, W Clarke, A Booth, R Symms
Rifleman 2 C Webb, S Webb, R Wallis, B Johnson, N Blake, M Lomas
Dishers A R Wong, C Hughes, S Abbott, S Almond, L Herring, S Bartley
Saxons Knights A M Kernan, T Cain, A Lacking, P Vernon, P Hughes, A Oswell
Saxons Knights B B Holden, C Baller, J Houh, D Bird, Adam Oswell, B Murphy
Broughton A Clarke, T Allen, P Cronin, L Cronin, S Sands, R Skupski, C Arrowsmith
Turnpike A J Rice, S Kelly, K Crumplin, J Harrold, P Masters, D Davies, S Garner
Turnpike B S Nadin, C Mcghee, A Goodwin, S Morgan, M Shallcross, A Nadin, K Robinson
Eight Farmers D Watts, J Watts, T Kimberlin, K Llloyd, A Stubbs, N Palin, D Mogford
 White Lion A P Malam, P Cavanagh, P Bibby, M Bibby, K Malam
 White Lion BC Bennett, V Woods, A Bostock, R Stockton, G West 
Well done to the White Lion A on winning the 2019 5 Man KO
Pictured is the 2019 5 Man KO Finalists: The Broughton and White Lion A
Well done to the Turnpike for winning the 2018 Fives KO against Pockets
Well done to the Turnpike for winning the 2018 Fives KO against Pockets
Well done to the Broughton Arms for winning the Fives against the Turnpike A
Well done to the Broughton Arms for winning the 2017 Fives KO against the Turnpike A

Previous Winners

2019 White Lion A
2018 Turnpike
2017 Broughton Arms
2016 White Lion
2015 Turnpike A
2014 Broughton
2013 Saxons
2012 Steventons